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How to Mix and Match Living Room Furniture

Just 32% of homeowners are actually satisfied with their living room’s design, and the living room furniture goes a long way in how a design feels.

The following are five helpful tips for choosing living room furniture that looks great together.

Decide on a Theme

Technically speaking, your living room furniture doesn’t have to match, but it should go well together. Try to come up with a theme for your living room — a common element that ties everything in the room together. You could take inspiration from a specific time period, a particular place, or even a specific color scheme. Whatever look-and-feel you go for, make sure you have this in mind before you start visiting discount furniture stores.

Don’t Sway from Your Theme

Once you have a theme in mind, be careful not to deviate from this when you’re out shopping for your living room furniture. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed when you’re in the middle of a furniture showroom, and you could be distracted by couches you really like that don’t at all fit what you’re going for. This doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind about what you want your living room to look like, but the middle of your shopping trip probably isn’t the best time or place for rethinking major plans.

Buy Additional Elements

The furniture isn’t all you need to make your living room complete. During or after your trip to the furniture store, think about throw pillows, blankets, lamps, and even artwork to add to your living room. These can match and contrast with your furniture to bring together the overall design of your living room. Mixing and matching items like this also helps to make your home more of a personal creation, instead of feeling like a scene from a furniture store window.

Be Mindful of Your Woods

Contrary to popular belief, when you’re decorating with wood, you don’t have to use the same type of wood for everything. However, if you aren’t careful with mixing woods together, you could end up with a living room that looks like a resale shop.

Ideally, when more than one type of wood is used, they should contrast with one another — and the more contrast between woods, the safer you are from accidentally committing a style transgression. A really dark ebony can be paired with a very light lime with pleasing results.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can set up your living room like showroom floor — only better, because it will have your personal touch to it.

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