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5 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Furniture

Furniture is durable but does not last forever. For example, over its lifetime, an average of 782 visitors will sit on a sofa. The day comes when that sofa needs replacing and you need to search online for “couches for sale Indianapolis.” Here are five signs that you may need to replace your furniture:

Out of Style

Because furniture lasts so long, sometimes it goes out of style. Everyone’s grandmother has a sofa with yellow and orange floral print straight out of the 1970s.

There are some timeless styles. A leather couch and a wood or glass coffee table never go out of style. However, the bright red end tables that you loved ten years ago might make your eyes hurt today.

Similarly, when moving into a new home, you may find that the furniture that matched your prior home does not match your new home. Maybe the colors are a little bit off or the furniture style clashes with the architecture. Every year, 43 million Americans move and this situation occurs more often than you might expect.

Either case might be a sign that it is time to visit a furniture discounter for discount living room furniture to replace your out-of-style furniture.

Worn Upholstery

Although upholstery material is thicker than clothing material, it does wear out eventually. Even leather wears out over time, although it will probably last longer than a fabric couch.

Having furniture reupholstered is an option. However, it can be an expensive option. Depending on the material you select and the size of the couch, the total bill for labor and materials can run anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. Compared to the cost of discount living room furniture, buying new high-quality furniture might be the more economical option.

Broken Wood

Your furniture has to bear weight, whether it is a drawer full of clothes or three kids and a dog jumping on a couch. That weight, over time, can strain the wood, pulling apart joints or even breaking wood framing members. When this happens it may be time to shop for new furniture.

This is why it is important when you shop for replacement discount living room furniture that you check out the quality of the wood and joinery. High-quality furniture will be made from high-quality wood and will use dovetail joints or screws and nails rather than glue and staples to hold the wood together.

Warped or Cracked Wood

Wood warps, splits, and cracks due to age, environment, and quality of construction. Most warping occurs because the wood was not thoroughly dried before being used to construct the furniture. If the wood in the furniture dries out unevenly, it will warp and pull the furniture apart.

However, wood also absorbs and releases moisture from the humidity in the air even after it has been cut and fashioned into furniture. This cycle can also lead to warping, splitting, or cracking. The risk of warping, splitting, and cracking can be reduced by applying wood oil to the furniture to resist moisture from the air. When the wood finish begins to wear off, you may also need to refinish the furniture to once again seal it from humidity.

However, refinishing furniture can be costly and time-consuming, particularly if you do not refinish furniture regularly. Moreover, wood finishes can give off toxic chemicals during application and as they dry out over time. As an alternative to refinishing furniture, you can donate furniture that needs refinishing and buy new discount living room furniture.

Broken Mechanisms

Everyone has a dresser with a bad drawer. Maybe the drawer binds and is difficult to open or close. Maybe the drawer falls off its slides when it is opened too far. Or maybe the rollers or bearings have cracked or broken so the drawer jams as one side slides while the other side drags. While broken mechanisms may signal that you need to have your furniture repaired, they may also signal that it is time to replace your furniture.

Whether your furniture is broken, worn, or out of style, it may be time to replace it with new discount living room furniture.

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