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3 Tips for Getting a Good Deal on New Furniture

Furniture may be one of your largest expenses after your house and your car. As a result, many people resort to second-hand furniture or low-quality built-it-yourself kits. However, you can find good furniture at a good price. Here are three ways to get a good deal on new furniture:

Shop at Discount Furniture Stores

Furniture discount stores are one of the best ways to save money on furniture. Furniture discounters reduce prices in many ways, including buying directly from the manufacturers rather than furniture distributors. The average markup for furniture is between 200% and 400%. By cutting out the middle man, these stores can offer discount couches for sale at much less than other retailers.

Moreover, furniture discount stores buy in volume. This allows them to get the best price possible on the furniture they sell. Furniture discounters can pass these savings on to you, the customer.

Learn the Signs of Good Quality

The best deal is not always the cheapest option. Couches for sale at $200 that will only last two years are not a good deal compared to discount couches for sale at $800 that will last ten years. In fact, when shopping for couches, keep in mind that the average couch has a lifespan of about 3,000 days or about 8 years.

Learning to spot good quality requires some effort. However, once you learn it, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on furniture over your lifetime. Some signs of quality include:

  • Reinforced joints and corner blocks
  • Metal frames rather than wood frames
  • Metal mechanisms in hinges, drawer slides, and recliners rather than plastic
  • Foam padding rather than cotton or nylon batting in cushions
  • Thick upholstery that is treated, or can be treated, with stain-resistant chemicals

While you may look a little bit strange in the furniture store, inspecting discount couches for sale from every angle will ensure that you get good quality at a good price.

Plan Ahead

One way to get a bad deal is to buy on impulse. Knowing your budget and what you are looking for ahead of time can minimize buyer’s regret. After all, what can you do when you buy a piece of furniture that does not fit your space, does not match your decor or style, or just does not feel right after you live with it for a few weeks?

Set a budget and measure your space. Take pictures of your carpet and walls so you can make sure that colors do not clash. Then take a special trip to a discount furniture store to shop for specific pieces. More likely than not, you will come away from the furniture store happy with your purchases.

Getting a good deal on furniture means spending within your budget for pieces that will be with you for the long haul. Shopping at discount furniture stores, learning to recognize quality, and planning ahead can help you to find good deals.

5 Ways to Use Discount Furniture in Your New Apartment

The joy of renting out your first apartment, or even making the decision to live long term in an apartment, is one that 17% of Americans are all too familiar with. In fact, billion-dollar industries in furniture, such as IKEA, Ashley’s, Ethan Allen, and so on have benefited from cashing in on the ideas of future furniture owners, and selling living room furniture and even office furniture designed for every imaginable apartment, house, dorm, etc.. Of these furniture stores, discount furniture stores are ones that can most easily accommodate your tastes and even save you money. Here are 5 ways to make the most of discounted furniture in your new apartment.

1. Create your own Display Apartment Setting

Discount furniture stores usually have a team of interior designers that are hard at work, creating ideal living room furniture, office furniture, and even kitchen furniture settings that invite you, the shopper, to imagine yourself within the setting. Usually, furniture on display is also for sale, so taking the easy way and asking even for display furniture could save you time, and money, when decorating your apartment.

2. Choose unique styles, such as distressed furniture

On websites such as pinterest, distressed furniture is all the rage, giving a unique and old, classic style that is unmatched in apartment living. You can do the DIY version of distressed furniture and save some money, however, most furniture discounters will have some sort of distressed furniture, ranging from cute cabinets, to old wooden dressers, and bed frames. You could even go the Craigslist route to look for older furniture, although one should exercise caution when buying furniture from personal ads and sources.

3. Have your Couch tie the room together

Sometimes, when we move out in a hurry to a small apartment, we compensate by choosing a futon, or otherwise a daybed or small love seat, rather than purchasing a comfy couch for the living room. This is a mistake however, a couch is essential, whether to entertain guests or to get a good day’s rest on, and helps in tying the look of a room together. Whether you choose a sleek, modern 50’s streamline design, or go for a recliner in leather, couches show what kind of mood an apartment will set.

4.Accent with throws, plants, and any other colors

If you choose to keep your apartment or home in black and white, or an otherwise simple color theme, some different splashes of color can help to relieve the eye and make different parts of your apartment pop. Living room furniture and even office furniture for your future apartment doesn’t have to be limited to couches and chairs, as discount furniture stores also offer a myriad of small decorations. From pillows, to throws, to different colored vases and even picture frames, the small stuff is also essential to create a unique color theme of your choosing.

5. Make the most of for sale furniture

If you’re completely lost, don’t know what colors to choose, and don’t want to necessarily stick to a living room set, discount stores sometimes have an “as-is” furniture section that has pre-built, and oftentimes unique selection of furniture. Looking here for inspiration, and building a theme off of even one piece of furniture that you fall in love with can help you start your furniture scavenge hunt.

All in all, discounted furniture stores are a great resource to use when choosing your next apartment style. Make sure to visit different websites, create vision boards, and ask designers at the store to assist in making your next rented apartment truly your own.